Weber iGrill2 Review-Bluetooth Thermometer

Technology has surely come a long way in making our lives easier for the better. Even the most tedious tasks can now be accomplished with the help of technological gadgets. One such convenient gadget is a smart thermometer. Not long ago did chefs have to rely on their own wit and common sense to determine how hot or cold a dish is, and for how much longer it should be left on the stove or on the grill. so, without mentioning weber iGrill2 no review for Bluetooth thermometer is sufficient.

But with the introduction of smart thermometers, people can now easily rely on these convenient and small devices to get notified about the accurate temperature readings for a certain situation.

After completing thorough market research we discovered an amazing smart thermometer that can surely help you with your own personal culinary adventures.

In this Weber iGrill2 Review, we are going to be discussing this amazing commodity and also note down its various pros and cons. This way, you can know exactly why this high tech smart thermometer is worth the purchase.

Continue reading this article, This creation is perfect for you, and if it really is as amazing as the manufacturers claim it to be. Has the product been sugarcoated to enhance market dominance, or can the Weber iGrill2 really live up to its name? Well, let us find out!

Bluetooth smart thermometer

Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer

Out of so many great products, we finally decided to choose this amazing Bluetooth thermometer for some of the very best and convenient reasons. For starters, this incredible iGrill 2 Thermometer can be afforded well under $100. Hence, this makes the material cheap and appropriate for amateur grillers.

We prefer this amazing thermometer over other models is due to the fact that it had almost all of its various issues completely solved.

Of course, this milestone was not achieved out of the blue, but users claimed that the customer service of Weber was and is in fact really, really good. This is only the tip of the iceberg because there are actually many more reasons why you should invest in this brand. Let us take a look at some of its highlighted features.

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Features: How does iGrill2 Bluetooth thermometer work?

Unlike most thermometers, we kind of really like the four-probe capacity of the iGrill2 Bluetooth meat thermometer. Hence, it actually becomes more convenient for users if they happen to have two grillers side by side. Other than that, the four-probe capacity also makes it easier for you to cook a lot of things at once, thus it also saves up your time by letting you multitask.

On the other hand, the four meat probes can resist heat up to 716°Fahrenheit, which is obviously super high resistant. The temperature range is approximately around -22°F to 572°F at most.

This incredible Bluetooth thermometer comes with an LED display, so it does a pretty good job of displaying the right readings every time. Do note that the Weber iGrill2 is not waterproof at all, which is sort of a downside to it. Therefore if you want to clean the screen, make sure to only use a lint-free cloth and some non-abrasive cleanser.

Coming to the Bluetooth connectivity, we found the app working pretty smoothly with the item itself. On top of that, the Weber iGrill2 is actually compatible with every smoker. This is a huge advantage if you compare it with the brand’s other models.

But there is a drawback here too. The Bluetooth range seems to be quite short (around 150 feet only) so thermometer stop working abruptly due to range.

But other than the Bluetooth range, the battery life is fortunately quite high (200 hours at most), so the device is still a win-win if you do not mind sticking around the vicinity anyway.

iGrill Bluetooth meat thermometer

Manual Guide for Weber iGrill2

Each of the four meat probes has a total length of approximately 24 inches, so they do in fact go in pretty deep. If you do not really know how to start with the iGrill 2 Bluetooth smart meat thermometer in the first place, then check out the manual guide book that comes with every purchase of the package.

To juice this thermometer up, you will be receiving two AA batteries alongside a magnetic disc. It is quite disappointing that you cannot really charge this Bluetooth thermometer with a USB cable. But either way, the yield still boasts some pretty good features and we think it really is worth the purchase.

We thought of addressing exactly what this thermometer is compatible with. So for Apple users make sure that your mobile device has a configuration of at least iOS 7 or more to connect without any issues.

For android users, this iGrill cooking thermometer can only work with your mobile phone if the Bluetooth software version is 4.0 or higher.

In a way, these requirements do sort of restrict the usage and versatility of the Bluetooth thermometer. However, they also are necessary as these specific demands will work to guarantee a smoother operation long-term wise.

But anyway, you will be glad to know that the Weber iGrill2 thermometer actually comes equipped with an auto-shutoff battery system. What this means is that the stuff will turn itself off when it notices the zero connectivity in the vicinity.

Technical and Setting of Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

For instance, if the probe is operating but there is no connection around it, then the thermometer will turn itself off after 8 hours. However, if there is no probe operating or any connection whatsoever in the surrounding, then the thermometer will turn itself off after 5 minutes.

This may not really seem like a big deal to many but very important as the auto-shutoff system will allow the device to save up its battery life. Hence, you will not have to waste money now and then just to purchase a few AA batteries.

The settings are quite easy to understand, and there is also a list of meat/doneness choices you can select. After setting up the temperature, the probes will set off an alarm once those requirements have been met.

You can easily rename each of the probes to your own desire, and also set different timers for each meat probe.

So Technically will not require to check on the grill every now and then since the device will alert you anyways.

Alongside all these amazing features, there are some more unique actions you can perform with this thermometer. Such as, viewing a graph of the temperature reading versus the time on your smartphone or even share your iGrill2 photos and experiences with fellow iGrill2 users on the devices “Globe” feature!


  • This mini meat thermometer is very lightweight (weighing only 1 pound)
  • As the product is well under $100, it is also quite budget-friendly
  • The temperature is quite easy to read and understand
  • The Weber iGrill2 can use inside an oven without the device getting damaged at all!
  • You can easily include your very own custom presets in this device
  • The pairing speed of the device to the app is fairly quick.


  • The main issue a few customers had with the Weber iGrill2 is regarding the poor Bluetooth connectivity
  • Once you lose connectivity with the app, you will also lose the data graph of the temperature.

iGrill cooking thermometer review

Who and Why You Should Get the Weber iGrill2 Thermometer

The Weber iGrill2 Thermometer is one of the very few Bluetooth thermometers which can be found under such a budget-friendly price tag. Due to the affordability of the product, amateur grillers are more encouraged to invest in this product.

Of course, professionals should purchase this device too. However, we feel like the few drawbacks regarding the Bluetooth connectivity and data loss might not really attract experienced grillers in this case.

But completely disregarding this product as the cheap and low quality just due to those few cons is not really a smart idea. As the device still packs in a lot of punch under $100. Honestly, the product actually performs really well given how inexpensive it actually is. In fact, the overall quality of the Weber iGrill2 is very impressive.

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Should You Buy The iGrill2?

We definitely love the high heat resistance rate of this thermometer. On top of that, the four meat probes can surely be termed as the cherry on top. This is pretty cool that you can choose from a set of four probes or two probes for purchase. The customer has some authority over what they really want instead of just forcing one single product into their faces. Weber seems to provide really good customer service for their users. It really helps whenever any user comes across flaws in the product.

Also, there is apparently a quick start guide associated with this device. It provides all the necessary tips and guidance on how to install and operate the app for easy starting.

So it is quite convenient for first-timers who do not have a clue about how and what to do next. The color coordination and multiple alert systems on the probes also make it easier for users to understand what goes where and for how long.

Due to the high resistant meat probes of this Bluetooth thermometer, you will not have to worry about anything getting fired up due to the flames and excess heat from the smokers. So, Weber iGrill2 review reveals that this device is a good grilling thermometer.

Buying Guide: Follow Weber iGrill2  manual

A lot of people do not really know about Bluetooth thermometers in the first place. And they are also unsure of what purposes these devices actually serve. Well, we are going to cover all that in this buying guide right now. Hopefully, you will have a clear idea about why these pocket-sized devices are so convenient and necessary in our daily lives.

The thermometer itself

First, let us take a look at what kind of a device a Bluetooth thermometer really is. Before introduce of the Bluetooth thermometer, we had the Wi-Fi thermometer. Honestly, that was not so bad either but it did restrict usage quite a lot. On top of that, carrying around an entire receiver does not really sound too comfortable.

Hence, when the Bluetooth thermometer was introduced it pretty much blew up the market with a bang. People started to opt for this newly redesigned version of smart thermometers and everyone started to love it.

The Bluetooth thermometer kind of took things to a whole new level by now allowing people to connect with the device solely through their own smartphones. And honestly, carrying a smartphone is NOT as uncomfortable as carrying an entire receiver in your pocket!

Since a Bluetooth thermometer still allows connecting with the Wi-Fi, it kind of really makes these remodeled devices highly versatile. Check how your meat is being cooked on the grill with the swipe of a finger over your smartphone screen.

On top of that, Bluetooth thermometers also come with a range of other fun features. And previous Wi-Fi thermometers did not really come up. Another great advantage of these remodeled devices is how their issues and bugs tend to get noticed and worked on within a short period of time.

This way, the issues you might have come across on your own Bluetooth thermometer may have been resolved in less than two weeks. Also, every time the brand of the Bluetooth thermometer releases a newer version. The apps for it somehow seem to improve as well. We have no idea how and why these two are connected but we are definitely not complaining here! That is why we select to review weber iGrill2.

Learn all about the weber iGrill2 app-connected thermometer


High-quality Bluetooth thermometers will feature at least 4 probes in the package. Of course, you can just opt for two probes from that option but it is nice to always have the opportunity to go for a higher number of probes.

The number of probes a Bluetooth thermometer comes with pretty much varies from brand to brand. So if you are hoping to own more than just four probes. You might have to search around a bit more and find a brand that allows you to purchase more probes individually.

The range

Generally, the highest range for a Bluetooth thermometer is around 150 feet. Of course, some would say that this is not enough since not everyone prefers to stay in one place. But usually, this weber iGrill2 range does work pretty well.

Make sure of walls coming in between you and the probes as concrete can obstruct the connectivity between your phone and the Bluetooth thermometer.

You can expect the strongest and best range results if the device is in your line of sight. The more you move or walk through places that obstruct the range, the crappier the connectivity is going to be.

Weber iGrill2 Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us take a look at some of the frequently asked questions. A lot of our readers and the general audience might have regarding Bluetooth thermometers. Hopefully, you will find the answer to your question here too.

  1. Can I use a Bluetooth thermometer inside an oven?

This kind of depends on what features the brand provides for its specific Bluetooth thermometer. For instance, the Weber iGrill2 Thermometer that we reviewed today does. In fact, allow users to make use of the device even inside an oven.

However, do make sure that it does not come in direct contact with the surface or the lid of the oven. As the Bluetooth thermometer will damage in this way.

Always try to place the Bluetooth thermometer on the grill itself. You should also refrain using a Bluetooth thermometer for slow cookers or steamers as Bluetooth thermometers are not too water-proof. Hence, this will damage if they come in contact with fluid too often.

  1. Can I leave a Bluetooth thermometer inside the meat on the grill?

You can leave the meat probes inside the meat on the grill while it is still cooking. But make sure that the thermometer itself does not touch any hot surfaces. Not that it will blow up all of a sudden. Suggested to avoid damaging the Bluetooth thermometer long term wise.

By the way, brisket is one of the best parts of the meat for smoking. To smoke the brisket we need wood. Different wood is available in the market. we need to find out which wood is the best for smoking brisket. Here is a detailed article about the types of wood and its quality and suitable for smoking brisket.

Conclusion: The best mini meat cooking thermometer: weber iGrill2 Review

Various features and budget-friendliness definitely makes the weber iGrill2 one of the very best Bluetooth thermometers on the market.

We hope you had a fun time reading this article and helpful to you and to your loved ones. Thanks for sticking around till the very end with us. Finally, we found in our research that the overview and impression of weber iGrill2 are very high in the market and user.

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