ThermoPro TP03 Review-wireless thermometer

Did you ever wonder why people wait for hours to get inside some restaurants, while other places sit empty? Certainly, quality, safety, and customer reviews. We know just how frustrating it can be to get that perfect doneness of your meat. It is as if the meat seems like it is completely done, but once you cut it open you are faced with either a totally underdone cut or with an overdone one, there is no in-between! Here we write in detail the Thermopro TP03 review.

Grilling is hard work in general, but it can seem like a life or death kind of situation when you are an amateur with no previous barbeque experience. So it is quite obvious that you might want to opt for some technical assistance in this case (Trust us, we all do).

But there are countless of different electronic kitchen thermometers on the market now, so choosing only one from the lot can seem like super hard work, especially for newbies.

These high-tech thermometers are all the rage these days for all the right reasons. But they just seem to be so complicated at times. There is nothing more annoying for amateur grillers than investing in something they cannot even use for their barbeque nights.

At times like this, all we want is some technological assistance but minus the complication. And keeping that in mind, we managed to dig out one simple, affordable yet high-quality cooking thermometer for you and your grilling adventures! You can visit for other best smoker thermometer.

In this Review, we will be discussing thoroughly this incredible product and also note down the various reasons why you should take that leap of faith and invest in this one of a kind product.

ThermoPro Digital Food Thermometer

ThermoPro Instant Read Meat Thermometer

With a bright red color for the body, this reading meat thermometer can be found well under $50. The budget-friendliness and compact size make it a great choice if you prefer taking your grilling equipment around with you when you go camping or on family vacations.

We really admire the simple and easy to understand the design of this instant reading food thermometer, as it is something both amateurs and experienced cooks can understand from the get-go.

The easy to open foldable metal probe of this thermometer makes it really convenient for quick usage. All you need is to click on the small button on this device in order to take out the probe. It comes out in a matter of seconds.

Simply make use of the probe and get instant digital readings on the LCD screen of the ThermoPro wireless instant-read meat thermometer. After usage, you can easily clean it with a non-abrasive cloth and fold the probe back into place by pressing onto that same exact button. In a way, this thermometer kind of works like a switchblade knife, doesn’t it?

However do note that the screen does not rotate with the thermometer itself, nor does the screen have any backlight to it.

Features of digital read meat thermometer:

  1. Accurate readings within 3 to 5 seconds
  2. Temperature reading range of -58°Fahrenheit to 572°Fahrenheit
  3. Auto-shutoff system
  4. The device is powered by AAA batteries
  5. Three years of warranty
  6. The device will not explode or anything if it comes in contact with water
  7. Comes with a kitchen hole and a magnetic back for easy storage

Digital Read Meat Thermometer

The features of this incredible thermometer were quite impressive, given how inexpensive the products really is in the first place. The probe of this thermometer is a 3.9 inched stainless steel one. The high precision sensor on the probe shows the accuracy of readings within 3 to 5 seconds, hence saving up a lot of your time.

The digital meat thermometer works with a temperature range of -58°Fahrenheit to 572°Fahrenheit at most. You can easily make use of this amazing thermometer, both indoors and outdoors under almost any weather condition. However, do note that this product is not waterproof so try not to get it unnecessarily wet.

You will be glad to know that this thermopro wireless food thermometer comes with an auto-shutoff system that turns the device off after 10 minutes of zero usage. Hence, this way the products work to minimize battery consumption and conserve battery life more efficiently.

Technical features of ThermoPro wireless meat thermometer

The device is powered by 3A batteries, and the package comes with the necessary batteries. You can easily switch the readings from Celsius to Fahrenheit without facing any lags at all.

With three years of warranty, this amazing thermometer will serve you really well without breaking down prematurely. However, you still have to note that this is only a handheld thermometer, hence you cannot leave it lying inside an oven or on the grill.

On top of that, we did not really find the instruction manual guide to be adequate as it does not come with specified guidelines for amateurs, such as how the product is not water-resistant, how much the capacity is for the batteries, etc.

ThermoPro Kitchen digital meat thermometer

But in any way, the device will not explode or anything if it comes in contact with water, however, doing so will definitely damage the product way before its warranty period ends.

This instant-read thermometer comes with a kitchen hole and a magnetic back for easy storage on your kitchen walls or cabinets. Weighing only 2.4 ounces, the thermometer has dimensions of 6.1 x 1.3 x 1.6 inches in total.


  • This thermometer is pretty lightweight
  • Easy to understand probe design
  • Strong and durable food-grade stainless steel probe
  • The single button makes it easier to open and close the thermometer
  • LCD digital readings are accurate
  • The product comes with one AAA battery included
  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • The handheld design makes it a top choice for amateurs and for those who are constantly on the go.


  • Unfortunately, this digital reading meat thermometer does not come with a backlight
  • The readings are not too large (only 0.38 inches)
  • The housing of the product is not sealed hence it makes the device prone to damage due to moisture.

ThermoPro TP03 wireless thermometer

Why You Should Be Getting the ThermoPro Digital Instant Thermometer

Honestly, regardless of the few drawbacks, this thermometer is still a pretty good buy for first-timers. The sheer budget-friendliness of this device makes it a top choice for those who want to invest in a thermometer just out of curiosity or for trial.

Granted, it does not really pack in a lot of punch features wise. But what more can you expect from a product with such an inexpensive price tag? In fact, we think the product has done justice to its name and price tag with its specifications. Such as the fast retractable meat probe, the compactness, the accurate temperature readings on the LCD display, the battery consumption saving system, the quick switchability from Fahrenheit to Celsius, etc.

ThermoPro TP03 Digital Instant Thermometer-Great gift

So the ThermoPro Instant Thermometer can be given a great gift for newlyweds who are showing an interest in the culinary field. This way, they can also get to hone their skills while cooking up some delicious meals for the entire family!


By the way, whenever we are using this thermometer or any other barbecue related work we dealt with some hot item. we have to be more careful to work with hot items, especially for outdoor parties. We have to protect our hands by using gloves. There are several gloves in the market for heat resistance. Must know before using which gloves is most appropriate for me. Generally, different gloves protect differently. Some gloves are normal heat resistance and some are extreme heat resistance. So, before buying the items we need to check the review. We pick the best heat resistant gloves and reviewed them in detail. To check the full review please read our article here.


Buying Guide of Thermopro TP03 Wireless Thermometer

Finally, we have reached the end of our product reviews. Let us take a look at some of the key factors you need to keep in mind regarding thermometers.

Note that these factors apply to all high-quality digital meat thermometers and not just a specific brand.

Anyways, let us get started right away!


Instant Read Thermometer


There are a lot of myths available for this. Some claim that these devices are not as effective as their Bluetooth or Wi-Fi counterparts. But that is actually just nonsense.

If anything, thermometers do not make use of technological advances such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. Other than that, there is absolutely no difference between these three types of meat thermometers.

Of course, you can opt for the technologically advanced thermometers. But you usually will not really be required to invest in those unless you are an advanced griller.

For amateurs trying out their hand in grilling, opting for thermometers can be enough. The readings are accurate (only if the product is high quality itself). And quite often the device itself is small and compact hence perfect for traveling with.

It also takes less than 5 seconds to show how well the meat is cooked; hence they are seen largely at cooking competitions. In fact, most cooking competitions will encourage the participants to bring their own thermometers to the venue. That is a way of more hygienic and safe. Another one Bluetooth thermometer is there is called weber igrill2, for more details you could visit a review of weber igrill2.

By the way, wood is one of the main element which is very essential to make our BBQ journey more delicious. And brisket is one of the best parts of the meat. we use different wood for a different flavor. So, if you want to know which wood is best for smoking brisket, please read our detailed article here.


A lot of high-quality thermometers will come equipped with alarm alerts.  But that starts going off once the meat you are grilling reaches its desired temperature and doneness.

This feature is mostly available in larger thermometers with more than one probe, as it will come with differently timed alarms. But a few handheld thermometers might also come with this feature.

However, to find out which model comes with multiple alert systems and probes, you might need to research quite a few manufacturers as not every brand offers this convenient feature.


Another great feature a thermometer can come equipped with is the auto-shutoff system. This is really great as it works to save up a lot of battery life. Hence it also increases the longevity of the product by years.

When a thermometer has an auto-shutoff system. The device will turn itself off once it detects zero connectivity or operation.

If you noticed, the product we reviewed today also came with this incredible feature. Not all thermometers will come with this feature, but the thermoPro device is really high quality.

Celsius to Fahrenheit: Easy  read meat thermometer

Not all gadgets will allow you to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds. But high-quality thermometers will let you casually switch from one reading style to the other within seconds.

Hence, anyone can make use of thermometers as they cater to every age range and expertise level.

The probe

Other than the readings on a thermometer. The second most important part of a thermometer has to be its probe.

High-quality thermometers will feature probes made of strong and durable stainless steel. And are not prone to premature rusting or any other sort of damage. However, not all of the probes will be water-resistant.

It is necessary for you to check how many probes a device comes equipped with. Most of the time a handheld thermometer will come with a single probe. However larger thermometers might even come with up to 4 individual probes at once.

The higher number of probes, the larger number of meat you can grill at the same time. Hence it also works to save up a lot of time.

However, make sure to always deal with probes with utmost caution.

Safety Tips When Using Thermopro Wireless Thermometers

It is always a good idea to practice caution whenever dealing with any kind of kitchen appliance. The same practice should be applied when making use of this device as well.

 Always wear kitchen gloves

Even though the probe is separated from the thermometer. It is a good idea to wear kitchen gloves when dealing with the product in the first place.

Try not to touch the probe without having a glove. Because the heat from the meat can easily be passed onto the probe. Hence making it hot as well. You might not suffer serious injuries if you touch the hot probe, but little ones around you might. Especially if they are assisting you in cooking or grilling the meat.

Hence it is a good idea to make your little ones wear protective kitchen gear too.

Keep the probes dry

Another wrong perception people have is that they are waterproof. Submerging the entire thermometer into the water can prove to be really damaging for the device itself.

Always try to keep the thermometer and the probe dry from moisture. However, you can actually slightly wash or drizzle the braided cable with some water. Do not completely submerge the braided cable and the probe into a bucket full of water. The probe and cables wires inside the braided cable are always going to be vulnerable to moisture. However, the quality of the product is high.

Pay attention to the temperature

All will state just how much the temperate range is. You should always try to make sure to stay within this range and not cross it.

Using a thermometer for something that is way beyond its temperature range can, in fact, damage the probe. Not only damage the thermometer, but it might also injure you by resulting in blisters. If you happen to touch the probe around that time or right afterward.

Keep the tip neat and clean

When you are using the thermometer probe for almost daily cooking, it can be quite easy for the product to get dirty due to the carbon build up on the tip of a grill or oven.

Hence, the dirt might actually distort the readings on the thermometer, therefore result in an overcooked or undercooked meat in the end.

Clean off the tip of your oven or grill by using a soft cloth or sponge soaked in some soapy water. Only wipe off the tip that was inside the meat while it was being cooked.

Afterward, rinse off the tip under the faucet or with the help of a wet towel (whatever seems more appropriate to you). Make sure to keep the braided cable safe from too much moisture and try to see if anything penetrates inside it.

In case water seeps inside the cable, try to dry it up as soon as possible with the help of blow dryers set on high heat levels.

When cleaning, try not to smash the cables or put too much pressure on them as the wires and the probe inside will get damaged if you do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us take a look at some of the frequently asked questions.  Users are seeking about this question in general. We hope you find your desired question being answered here as well.

  1. Where should I stick in my digital thermometer?

For best and the most accurate results. You should stick in the thermometer on the side of the meat being grilled or cooked. It should also be just a few inches above the grate below. So, you should make sure that the thermometer does not touch the surface below.

2. What does LO mean on a wireless thermometer?

The term LO only appears on it when it comes across a very low-temperature level. A lot of people actually confuse LO with Low Battery level. When in fact all it detects is a low-temperature level.


So there you have it! We hope you had a fun time reading this article about the ThermoPro Thermometer Review. It proved to be of some help to you and to your barbeque adventures. The ThermoPro TP03 Digital Instant Thermometer is perfect for professionals and for first-timers alike!

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