Top 10 Best Heat Resistant Gloves

Cooking is one of the most dynamic jobs worldwide. If you are passionate about it you will enjoy doing it, be it indoor or outdoor one! But this is also a risky one as you have to work closely with a stove or burner. Why risk your hand burning when you can protect them? We have come up with a list of 10 best heat resistant gloves to make your cooking life easier!

Every person who has some experiences in cooking would have burnt or hurt their hand at some point. While most of them don’t suffer much, the chances of causing a major accident are pretty much undeniable. Because remember, your body is not invincible! Hence, you should always use safety gear to prevent such disasters.

The market is filled with various types of heat resistant gloves. If you don’t have enough time to go through these and just want one recommendation, we have that too! Based on all the research, features, price range, and customer feedback, the Artisan Griller Cooking Gloves is the best choice for you!

Now, let’s proceed with all gloves of the list, shall we?

Top 10 Best Heat Resistant Gloves Reviews


1. Artisan Griller Redefining Outdoor Cooking Gloves  


best heat resistant gloves
Artisan Redefining Outdoor Cooking Gloves

It has been manufacturing various types of Kitchen gears for a long amount of time. If you are looking for stylish and comfortable gloves for cooking, then this Artisan griller redefining outdoor cooking gloves is the perfect choice for you!  


  • Professional Design: 

    Made with soft cotton liner, these non-slip 5 fingers gloves are best for BBQ pits giving you the comfortable experience of a professional chef. You can also use them for frying, grilling, baking, etc. The size is perfect for most people and very easy to wear on.  

  • Heat Resistance: 

    The neoprene coating resists fire and melting of the fabrics while you are handling a smoker or grills. Your hands are safe as long as you are wearing them!     

  • High-quality Coating:

    The waterproof neoprene coating makes the gloves flexible and heat resistant. It also protects your hand from oil, stains, grease, etc. You can wash them easily as soon as you are finished with work.   

  • Easy enough to clean.  
  • Comfortable wear.  
  • Waterproof gloves.  
  • Has a long-lasting life.  
  • Size can be a bit problematic for some people.  

2. RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves

best heat resistant BBQ gloves
RAPICCA Leather Welding Gloves

This Rapicca leather forge welding gloves have so many unique features, making it one of the best heat resistant BBQ gloves ever! The price is also worth it considering the durable performance it delivers! You can use it for welding works as well.


  • Double Layered Kevlar:

The padding of these welding gloves is made with double-layered Kevlar, making it the ultimate heat resistant gloves available.  You won’t find this feature in any other brand. The original soft cowhide leather also resists oil, cut, puncture, etc.

  • Extreme Heat Resistant Shield:

This product has 4 layers of construction with double Kevlar padding, an intermediate aluminum foil and cotton layer, and a cotton lining layer. It can tolerate extreme temperatures and cold as well. These gloves are allergy-free and absorb the sweat, so you won’t feel discomfort wearing them!

  • Safety Measures :

This glove is 16 inches long with a sleeve of 7.5 inches, shielding your forearms from any flames, sparks, hot steam, etc.  You can use it in stick welding, forging, MIG welding, etc. due to its high heat resistance quality.

  • Great heat resistance quality.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Protects your forearm.
  • Suitable for welding tasks.
  • Size may seem too big for some users.

3. VRP Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ Gloves

gloves for grilling
VRP Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ Gloves

The VRP heat resistant silicone BBQ gloves are next in this list of best heat resistant gloves. If you are looking for a pair of larger-sized gloves, then this is the ideal product for you! The price is quite reasonable considering the quality and service of this product.   


  • Convenient Size:

    This product is perfect for people with extra-large hands. The long and thick sleeves will protect your forearm from extreme heat. These gloves can take up to 425 degrees of temperature. The traction grip helps to fit your hand without any chance to fall out! It comes with a lifetime guarantee as well.

  • Heat Proof:

    Made with quality heat resistant materials, you can use these gloves to handle smoker and grills, moving hot pots, hot grill grates, or even the pizza stone!

  • Steam Proof:

    This is a watertight product, meaning you can pick anything from boiling water without burning your hand. You can also pick and move hot food from your stove with ease, better than any mitts or potholders for sure!

  • Provides quality heat resistance.
  • Best for large-sized hands.
  • You can clean it easily.
  • Ensures safety.
  • The gloves may become sticky after wearing them.

4. LoveU. Oven Mitts

cooking gloves
LoveU. Oven Mitts

The LoveU. Oven mitts are one of the best Oven gloves you can find out there. This sturdy product can be used for grilling and baking, giving your hand the protection needed from high temperatures. If you don’t want to burn yourself while you are baking, put this on be carefree!


  • Premium Design:

    Made with silicon, these gloves have a silky cotton liner inner. The silicon exterior is water and heat-proof, whereas the inside cotton part provides comfort. Works way better than any typical gloves.

  • Strong Grip:

    Wearing this food grade silicon, you can handle hot grill dishes with a tough grip. They don’t feel like plastic or sticky, giving you extreme comfort working wearing them. Very easy to put on and off.

  • Quality Heat Resistance:

This product is safe and protects your hand while cooking, pickling, BBQing, etc. This also resists oil, heat, stain, and water, saving you from the extra hassle. The cleaning process is also quite convenient. You can just wash them using soap water or dishwasher.

  • Best as oven gloves.
  • You can wash it easily.
  • Multipurpose tool.
  • Satisfactory customer service.
  • Some may find the fitting of the gloves not perfect.

5. Grill Armor Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

kitchen cooking gloves

Here comes another pair of quality oven gloves to make your kitchen life easier! The Grill Armor extreme heat resistant oven gloves work great if you want mitts or potholders for your kitchen. This sturdy pair of gloves can be used for cooking, baking, grilling, etc. based on your need.


  • High-End Materials:

These gloves are made with high-quality Kevlar and Nomex fabrics. Hence, they won’t liquefy or catch fire if they are in close proximity to flames. You can use them at the fire pit, fireplace, or campfire. It also comes with a refund option!

  • Maximum Heat Resistance:

These EN407 certified gloves can resist up to 932°F. You can use this product as BBQ gloves, pot holders or mitts, an allrounder for sure!

  • Strong Grip:

The silicon grip gloves are perfect for directly handling hot food from your instant pot. This product is easy to bend and easy to clean as well. Clean them in your dishwasher and they are as good as new!


  • Highest resistance range of heat.
  • Easy cleanup process.
  • Durable gloves.
  • Comes with a free E-book of grilling techniques.
  • A bit costly.

6. RAPICCA Griller BBQ Waterproof Cooking Gloves 

heat resistant oven gloves

Rapicca is a well-known manufacturer for producing some of the best quality cooking gloves over time. These Rapicca griller BBQ waterproof gloves are great if you want a product that can be used for various purposes like grilling, BBQing, pot holding, etc.


  • Professional Design:

    Made with food-grade neoprene rubber, these non-slip 5 fingers gloves are best for BBQ pits or smokers giving you the comfortable experience of a professional chef. You can also use them for frying, dyeing yarns, grilling, potholder, BBQing, etc. The size is perfect for most people and very easy to wear on. 

  • Heat Resistant:

    This product has double layers of soft cotton linings for a comfortable fit, also protecting your skin from the heat. The neoprene coating is melt-proof and fireproof, making it convenient for outdoor cooking also.

  • Safety Measures:

    This glove is 16 inches extra long, covering your forearms from any flames, boiling water, hot oil splash, stains, etc. Due to the waterproof neoprene coating, you can also handle hot water or steam without any issue. You can also wash them easily!


  • Very easy to clean.
  • Food-grade neoprene rubber layer.
  • Comfortable fitting.
  • Long sleeves.
  • A bit pricey.

7. Heat Guardian Heat Resistant Gloves

extreme high heat resistant gloves

If you are a regular cook in the kitchen and have to handle hot dishes directly from the oven or burner, this Heat Guardian heat resistant gloves can be used for all. From grilling to pot holding, these high-quality heat resistant gloves are the must-have for all!  


  • High-quality Materials:

    These gloves are made with high-end Kevlar and Nomex fabrics. Hence, they won’t melt or catch flame even if they are close to the fire. You can use them at the fire pit, fireplace, or campfire. It also comes with a refund option!

  • Maximum Heat Resistance:

    These gloves can tolerate up to 932°F. You can use this sturdy product as grilling gloves, pot holders, or stove mitts. They are comfortable and very easy to use.

  • Strong Hold:

    The silicon grip gloves can be used for handling hot food directly from your instant pot. These gloves are bendable and easy to clean as well.

  • Safety Measures:

    This glove is 12.9 inches long with a 5-inch cuff, covering your hand’s forearms from any exposure.

  • Nice designed gloves.
  • Easy cleaning process.
  • Quality heat resistance.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • The size may be small for some people.

8. Gülife Oven Glove

BBQ Grilling Gloves

The Gülife Oven Glove is the perfect example of flexibility and comfort when it comes to kitchen gloves. When in an emergency, this high-quality product can serve your basic needs in the kitchen. You can also give it as a gift because of its adorable design and efficiency!


  • High-quality Materials:

    This glove is built with M-Aramid and P-Aramid, also known as Kevlar and Nomex fabrics. P-Aramid has a stronger built than steel and M-Aramid has high flame resistance. This combination makes this product more heatproof, sturdy, and long-lasting.

  • Heat Resistance:

    It can tolerate up to 932°F. You can use this glove for BBQ, oven, heat resistant grill grates, and smoker. The fitting is comfortable and very easy to use.

  • Non-Slip Hold:

    The silicon grip glove is flexible and effective for handling hot items directly from your instant pot. This one is bendable and simple to clean as well.

  • Safety Measures:

    This glove is 10.3 inches long with a large interior, protect your hands from heat. You can wear it both on the right or left hand.

  • Can be worn in both hands.
  • Easy to store and clean.
  • Quality heat resistance.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • This glove is not waterproof.

9. HellFire BBQ & Ove Gloves

heat resistant BBQ silicone gloves

The HellFire BBQ & Ove Gloves are not only great look-wise but also serve you right! These oven mitts are durable and give you enough protection when you are dealing with spicy food or hot dishes!


  • Quality Materials:

    These stylish looking gloves are made with high-end materials like Aramid and Nomex fibers, making them a sturdy and durable pair. This thick yet flexible product is perfect for BBQ grills, fireplaces, campfire, pot-holding, etc.  The size fits most of the people except those with smaller hands. It comes with a warranty of 666 days!

  • Heat and Cut Resistance:

    It can tolerate up to 932°F. You won’t have to think about burning or even cutting your hand as it is highly cut-resistant as well.

  • Non-Slip Hold:

    The dual-sided silicone gloves are comfortable and bendable. You can use them for handling hot food directly from your roaster or instant pot.

  • Safety Measures:

    The long cuffs of these gloves are made of elastic.  cover your hands from any burns and stains.

  • Strong grip.
  • Easy to wash and store.
  • Heat and cut resistant gloves.
  • Comfortable fitting.
  • Won’t fit well in small-sized hands.

10. G & F 1689L Dupont Oven Gloves

silicone BBQ grill heat resistant gloves

The G & F 1689L Dupont Oven Gloves is the last product of this best heat resistant gloves reviews. However, it certainly doesn’t fall behind regarding its quality and price. This multipurpose oven glove is perfect for any indoor and outdoor cooking.


  • Quality Materials:

    These BBQ grilling gloves are made with high-end materials like Kevlar and Dupont Nomex fibers, making them strong and long-lasting. This 5-finger flexible product is perfect for BBQ grill, fireplaces, etc.  The size is perfect for people with bigger than average hands.

  • Multipurpose:

    This glove is basically used in the kitchen. But astronauts, firefighters, and car drivers can also use it due to the strength and quality of the building materials.  

  • Heat Resistance Capacity:

    It can tolerate up to 480°F. The exterior is made of Aramid fiber, making it resistant to occasional flame as well.

  • Easy Hold:

    The interior of the glove is made with dual knitted cotton material, making it breathy and comfortable when you wear it. The ambidextrous glove can fit both the right or left hand.

  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Heat resistant gloves.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Ambidextrous glove.
  • The package contains only one glove.

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How To Buy The Best Heat Resistant Gloves?

Kitchen gears are some of the most used equipment for regular household work. And heat resistant gloves are unbeatable when it comes to protecting your hands from various possible accidents that might happen in your kitchen.

But among many options, how would you know which one is the best heat resistant gloves for you? Therefore, To make your search easier, some important features of these gloves are given below.


This is one of the most important features in heat resistant gloves. You should know what level of temperature you are dealing with. First, get to know the temperature of your worksite or the subject. You can use a thermometer to measure that.

After getting the number, search through the product and see which one matches your required heat range. Remember, it’s very important to do it right. Consequently, a small miscalculation can compromise your safety.


This is another important aspect to look for. Gloves can be made with different materials like Kevlar, silicone, leather, etc. of these materials possess a different level of heat resistance capacity. Hence, you should check the materials of the gloves to ensure which one is the most suitable for your work. For leather, we need to be more careful not to hold onto cast iron grills for long periods.

for example, Silicone is good for handling fluids, Kevlar fibers are cut and puncture-resistant, cotton fabrics can’t be used if they are wet, etc.

Heat Resistance

Especially, Heat resistance capacity differs depending on the glove’s materials. Some can tolerate not more than 400-degree F, whereas some can resist up to 900-degree F.  


Check the insulation level of the gloves you want to buy. It depicts the protection level you will get when you are working on site. The range is from 0 to 5. If your object temperature remains under 200 degrees Celsius, the level should be between 0 to 3. With higher temperatures, you should opt-out for level 4 or 5.

Design & Fitting

Heat resistant gloves can be different in designs and length depending on the specific brand. Most of them have similar safety measures except the cuff length. You need to know how much of your forearm you should cover when you are working. Some gloves only cover the wrist of your hand, whereas others could go much higher than that.

Ultimately, Fitting is also important for your comfort. Many work gloves are said to be one size that fits all. But don’t be so sure about it. If possible, try them on or contact the seller directly before purchasing one for yourself.


Particularly, The price of gloves depends on the manufacturer and the features it contains. High-end products will cost more, whereas cheap gloves may wear out after a few uses. It is up to you if you want a good quality durable product for a long time or an average quality product for a short time.

However, everyone likes to barbecue but the cleaning process of the used items is most important. In the market variety of cleaning items are available but we have to know which one is suitable and best for me. So, we picks the best cleaning items to clean our cooking materials and other related utensiles. Read our best picks for cleaning item.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use heat resistant gloves in the kitchen?

Heat resistant gloves can protect your hand from burning or scalding your skin when you are working in a kitchen. You can also use them for different purposes to protect your skin from exposure.

Which brands are good for heat resistant gloves?

There are plenty of manufacturers who sell quality heat resistant gloves. Each of them is made with high-end products to ensure their effectiveness. Rapicca, Artisan, Heat Guardian, VRP, Grill Armor, etc. are some of the most consistent brands out there.

Can you wash heat resistant gloves?

Of course, you can wash heat resistant gloves. The process depends on your preferences. Most of them can be easily washed by using soap water. Washing by hands will keep them good for a long time.  However, you can also use a dishwasher or machine wash them and dry afterward.

Can I use them in hot water too?

Generally, Not all heat resistant gloves are steam proof or water-resistant. Some might transmit heat after getting damp. Hence you need to check the features before using it in water. Otherwise, a major accident can happen. 

Are Cotton Gloves Heat Resistant?

Remember, Heat resistance always depends on materials.  Cotton Gloves made in the exterior side Aramid and in the interior side double knit cotton. This is used for grill gloves, barbecue gloves, BBQ oven gloves. 

What are the best grill gloves?

Usually, The word best depends on different situations. However, a lot of gloves are available in the market. In our top ten gloves, the review list is one of the best narrow down lists.  Best BBQ gloves, leather gloves, BBQ oven grilling gloves are included in the list.

What kind of gloves protect against heat?

To find the heat-protective gloves we must check the materials are used for the gloves. In general, manufactures are using Kevlar, terry knit, carbon fiber, and a combination of fiber. The capacity for heat protection of these gloves is very good. 

What temperature can welding gloves withstand?

Commonly welding gloves made of Zetex, fiberglass, or kevlar. These can withstand temperatures of over 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  

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Final Thoughts:

Nowadays, food is not only a necessity of life but also a part of our culture and lifestyle. If you are enthusiastic about cooking, you will know the joy of serving a good dish on a plate. While trying different dishes from various cuisines, you must have thought to try making it yourself. But everything comes down to one point, hence, don’t ever compromise with your safety.  

Therefore, don’t forget to wear your gloves before you start cooking! Now, we have tried to include all the important facts, common question answers, a buying guide, etc. regarding the best heat resistant gloves. So, you should be able to pick the most suitable one for you. Select your ideal one and grab it as soon as possible before they run out!  

Finally, Thank you for taking your precious time to read us! Furthermore, If you want to read more buying guides like this, keep an eye on us because there is more to come! 


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